Mamata Banerjee had carried out numerous movements in the interest of the people over a time period but simultaneously she was realizing that to take her movement ahead she needed a separate platform to raise her voice against the barbaric rule of the CPI(M). Being with the Congress party was becoming a hindrance. It was this idea and need which gave birth to the Trinamool Congress on January 1, 1998. The time she chose was the end of 11th Lok Sabha and beginning of 12th Lok Sabha. As a politician of much experience and stature, she understood that it was the right time to launch the party and feel the pulses of the electorates as people was in all admiration for her as they saw her work.


Chairperson of the AITC

National Vice President

State President (Kerala)

State General Secretary (Kerala)


  • "I am very shocked about the recent incident of violence in Assam where innocent Bengali speaking minority and tribal brothers and sisters are being brutally murdered. Why the Government of Assam and the Union Government are silent? Why no action is being taken by the statutory authorities like National Human Rights Commission, Minorities Commission, Tribal Commission etc.?"
  • "Some parties want to incite riots in Bengal and divide people based on religion and language. People of UP and Bihar who live in Bengal are as much part of the State as any Bengali-speaking person. We care for people irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. We will never, ever have an alliance with BJP. Congress, BJP and CPM have formed a nexus in Bengal to try and fight us."
  • "Some people want to divide Bengalis and non-Bengalis. They want to send Bengalis away from India. People who are living in India since 1971 are the rightful citizens of India. They are not refugees. Bengal has been insulted. Bengalis and non Bengalis have been insulted. Hindus and Muslims have been insulted. I am your protector. I will ensure you can sleep in peace at night."